No Compromise

Outstanding Build Quality

The Spectra XR uses only very high-quality elements, prioritizing a strong structure to create the stiffest wheel of the industry, even though offering open-bottom style handles.

Months of development went into combining the best-feeling and performing components together, with unique design elements to create the perfect sim racing steering wheel.


Shifter & Clutch Combo

SOELPEC shifter & clutch assembly utilizes a combined structure for a rigid and light-weight design. Longer paddle arms with short travel distance create a natural feel with less rotation under the fingers.


Dual-Action Inputs

Each thumb encoder offers Dual-Action inputs to act like two independent encoders, and can be switched via the push button. Left & right thumb encoders can create 8 different inputs in total.

Anodized Aluminium

Solid Structure

Spectra XR uses 6061 aluminium structure for the optimized weight and stiffness. Silicone grips are molded over this structure for unmatched rigidity and receiving direct feedback from the wheelbase.


Integrated Rear Hub

The included 42mm Hub accommodates the clutch spring mechanism and integrated USB connection, while giving you additional spacing for mounting. It is also color-coordinated with the rest of the wheel.


Additional Buttons

Spectra XR also offers additional rear facing tactile buttons for mapping the crucial functions of the racing car, and they are easily accessible.

Display Buttons

More Functionality

Two extra buttons on the each side of the display can be programmed to use the actions in the dashboard, or you can map these inputs to any other desired function.

Telemetry supported

Fully customizable RGB illumination

‎Spectra XR utilizes RGB illumination, and it's fully adjustable.

‎Just attach the wheel to your rig and enjoy instant customization options, including the buttons, encoders, and even the dashboard!

‎The illuminated sections can also be assigned to create animations depending on the telemetry data, compatible with SimHub software.


Product Features

  • 302mm Wheel Diameter
  • 5 Inch Touchscreen Display
  • 17x Push Buttons and 2x 7-way Switches
  • 3x Center Custom Developed Encoders With Push Buttons
  • 2x Dual-Action Custom Developed Thumb Encoders With 8 Inputs
  • Customizable, Telemetry Supported RGB Illumination
  • 23 Additional Configurable LEDs Around the Display
  • 1350gr total weight without the rear hub
  • 50A Overmold Silicone Grips
  • 700 Gram-Force Tactile Switches
  • Fully 6061 Aluminum Anodized Structure
  • Carbon Fiber Center Plate
  • PMMA Button Caps and Led Diffusers
  • Textured PVC Film Stickers
  • Ball Bearing Magnetic Shifters with Black N52 Magnets
  • Ball Bearing Dual-Clutches with Hall Sensors and Bite-Point Button

All SOELPEC steering wheels are compatible with most of the direct-drive wheelbases on the market. Dual clutches and carbon paddles are standard. 42mm rear hub compatible with 70mm 6-hole mounting pattern is included.

A Spiral USB cable with 4-pin Lumberg connector, extra magnets for adjusting the shifter force, and required hardware also come within the box.

Asetek SimSports Eco-System

To achieve a fully integrated experience without using and additional cable connection, Spectra XR is compatible with Asetek Wheelbases, utilizing the QR mechanism with integrated USB connections. SOELPEC recommends using Asetek wheel bases for a cable free operation.

Seamlessly Integrated Software

The Spectra XR utilizes a custom version of DDC software, specially configured by Dahl Design. It offers the most capable solution for a complete experience with seamless integration of all the inputs, LEDs, and dashboard data.

SimHub Compatibility

Every SOELPEC product is fully compatible with SimHub. Utilizing all illumination and dashboard functionalities is easier than ever before. All you need to do is selecting your Soelpec product in the devices section of SimHub.